Keep Track of Employees and Manage Leave Time With Comprehensive Leave Manager

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Keep Track of Employees and Manage Leave Time With Comprehensive Leave ManagerWe made it through a long, cold winter and employees probably have spring fever. It’s that time again for long weekends and vacations—and in turn, the challenge of keeping track of your employees’ time off by manual means. If you want a more efficient and accurate way to manage leave time, take a look at Comprehensive Leave Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Most businesses offer employees time off, and that can be anything from vacation and sick days to volunteer and comp time. Typically, an employee makes a request for time off, managers approve it, the time used is represented on a timesheet, and the used time off is counted. Managing the process manually isn’t too challenging when you have a small office; however, with growth, the process can become extremely time-consuming. You don’t want your human resources and payroll teams distracted with managing leave time when there are so many more important tasks that need to get done on a daily basis.

There Is A Better Way To Manage Leave Time

There is a more efficient way to manage leave time, especially for a growing organization. The Comprehensive Leave Manager solution seamlessly connects with your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll system and automatically processes leave information without any additional attention from your staff. By deploying Comprehensive Leave Manager, you will gain:

  1. A simplified way to manage ALL your leave plans. You establish the various plan codes and descriptions for the time you want to track. Manage vacation and sick time, personal or administrative leave, volunteer and comp time, and other specialized forms of leave time.
  2. Automate accrual schedules and rules. Enforce waiting periods, define the frequency for accruals, and establish maximums, balance caps and carry over limits for the accrued time.
  3. Make changes faster and easier. If you add or change leave plans, you can assign leave codes to large groups of employees or create mass leave transactions.
  4. Track leave transaction history. Your team can access the transaction history for each employee and report the dates time was used, as well as the remaining balance. With the HRM Self Service Suite, employees can also access their own leave history and balances.

Managing leave transactions doesn’t need to be time-consuming or challenging. Streamline leave management by adding an affordable, simple tool to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Contact Integrity Data to learn how easy it is to manage leave time and prepare for vacation season.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois


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