Stop Struggling With Managing Leave

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Stop Struggling With Managing Leave Most businesses have established policies and procedures for managing employee leave and calculating accruals. However, not all business management solutions can easily support those plans. Even robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, struggle with coordinating accruals, leave management, and balancing other plan details. Stop struggling with leave management and put the system in place that supports it.

Offering different types of leave time is important for your employees and your business. However, managing leave time accruals and time used is increasingly difficult to manage, especially as your business grows. While many business solutions offer some level of automation for managing employee time-off, they may not be able to support the policies you have in place. At this point, payroll often turns to manual means to manage this data, which are not only time-consuming, but opens the doors to mistakes.

Streamline the Entire Leave Management Process

There is no need to struggle with leave management or complicated accrual calculations. Deploy a business solution that works the way you work, instead of being forced to create workarounds when technology isn’t aligned with internal policies or procedures. Simply integrate the Comprehensive Leave Manager add-on solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and let technology streamline the entire leave management process.

Start by configuring leave plan details, including:

  • The type of leave such as vacation, sick time, personal or comp time, administrative leave, etc.
  • Set up and automate the complex accrual schedules and carry over rules
  • Establish and automatically enforce waiting periods, such as with new hires or part-time staff
  • Create and set accrual maximums, balance caps and carry over limits

Once these details are in place, Comprehensive Leave Manager will calculate accruals and manage leave time as it’s used by employees, eliminating this time-consuming distraction from your payroll team. Leave time is automatically processed during the payroll process, with no additional steps required by your payroll staff. Each employee will also have a detailed transaction history noting the date and time used for each type of leave time used. Using the HRM Self Service Suite, employees can view leave balances, transaction history, and submit requests for leave. This added automation streamlines the approval process and reduces distractions in the payroll department when employees call to ask whether they have time to use.

Don’t work around your business technology, add the solutions needed to streamline common tasks, such as managing leave time and calculating accruals. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Comprehensive Leave Manager and other time-saving payroll solutions.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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