Communication Improves Drastically for Kingland Systems

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Efficient and timely communication is key for every organization, no matter what size. Kingland Systems decided that their communication method needed improvement.

“Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll is our primary software system of record for employee data, but we have other systems that require that information too,” explains Senior Accountant, Aaron Bender.

Their main challenge was that Payroll employees were making data changes in Dynamics GP, but the changes then had to be manually entered into the additional systems, systems that the Payroll employees could not access. Also, any updates were sent out to everyone in the organization and with employees located in Iowa and China, much of their e-mail communication was difficult to decipher or accidentally missed as employees weren’t sure what applied to them.

The solution was simple. U-LINC by Integrity Data, allowed a rule to be set up for a notification that would send relevant changes to the applicable recipients.

“U-LINC is primarily being used as a communication tool between the various systems.”

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U-LINC is a workflow and notification tool by Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics ISV located in Central Illinois.

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