Tracking Sick Leave and Paid Time Off with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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Traditionally, companies have offered paid time off for medical reasons as part of their employee benefits packages. However, this benefit often is offered only to full-time employees. Those who work part-time, typically in industries with frequent turnover such as the fast food industry, among others, have been unable to claim paid sick leave. Recently we’ve noticed a trend on the local, state and federal level of government to take into consideration those part-time employees. While not universal, mandatory sick leave pay for all workers is being passed into law in some areas.

In July 2015, California mandated policy changes on a state level and Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington have implemented such changes on a city level since 2012. It is likely that there will be more localities following suit. What we are seeing is an accrual program which mandates one hour of paid sick leave for every thirty hours worked.

It is quite possible that your city or state has not yet adopted such a policy, but it just makes sense to watch these trends and have your technology in place to manage new requirements when they are put into effect. Mandated or not, paid sick leave for all employees or other paid time off, such as for vacations, may very well be part of your employee benefits packages.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and payroll solution, you will have no trouble becoming and remaining compliant with any pending legislation. Watch the short video: Easily Stay Compliant with Mandatory Sick Leave Legislation in Dynamics GP.

Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager is an easy Dynamics GP Payroll add-on product that makes managing and tracking sick leave, mandatory sick leave and any other type of leave, stress free.

Changes are coming and you can prepare your business to calculate and track sick leave and paid time off in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Contact Dan Doolin at Integrity Data to learn more about the affordable payroll solutions that provide control and insight over mandated sick time as well as other employee benefits.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR


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