Managing Leave Time in Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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PTO (Paid Time Off) Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to automate the process of figuring out and compensating employees for situations calling for paid time off – be it for sick leave, vacation or personal days, etc. The system works well, up to a point. Introducing Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager. What is the difference? Is one better that the other? Though vastly different, the two products do share the same heritage as both were written by Integrity Data. Here’s how they compare:

PTO Manager

• Included with the HRP Extended Pack from Microsoft
• Supported by Microsoft
• Easy to use
• Handles intermediate accruals
• Set up sick and vacation accruals under one PTO code
• Supports common waiting periods
• Maximum balance option
• Carryover limitations
• Balance transaction history
• Adjustment transactions

However, the shortcomings of PTO Manager include the fact that it is limited to only vacation and sick tracking, only calculates during payroll processing, bases accruals only on hours worked, has limited transaction types for adjustment, has limited maximum and carryover capabilities and has no self-service capabilities.

Comprehensive Leave Manager

• Unlimited user defined leave codes
• Accrual, Lump Sum and Comp Time leave types
• Accrue with or without payroll processing
• Multiple accrual rules to support complex accruals
• Mass assignment/Quick assignment
• Full transaction history
• Multiple types of leave transactions (payouts)
• Sick bank/Leave transfer/Donate capabilities
• Tracks intermittent FLMA instances in HR
• Self-service views

As you can see, the Comprehensive Leave Manager provides more robust capabilities for managing accrual schedules, maximums, comp time, etc.

It’s not that one product is necessarily better than the other, but they serve different purposes and help you manage different requirements.

So, if you are trying to determine which would best fit your needs, feel free to check out this slide deck showing the benefits/limitations of PTO Manager and Comprehensive Leave Manager.

Vacation season is just around the corner – approach it with confidence by using the right solution for managing leave time.

Our goal remains the same; we want to help Dynamics GP users manage leave for their employees in an accurate and automated way.

“We are users of Comprehensive Leave Manager and love it. We have, on average, 550 employees across the West and have found nothing Comprehensive Leave Manager cannot handle for us and the support is awesome!”

Kerry Draper, Business Analyst, Taos Mountain, Inc

Contact Dan Doolin
 at Integrity Data and let’s discuss how your business can benefit from our expertise and experience.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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