The importance of easy-to-use rental search forms for your rental company 

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In an ideal world, communicating with a rental company is very simple. For example, let’s say you want to terminate your rental. You open the Rental Companies app and terminate the equipment yourself. No problem arises and you can do this without involvement of the rental company itself. Easy enough, right?

rental company
Image 1: How can your rental company make renting easier for you?

Most of the time, the reality is quite different. You probably still need to call the rental company. Have you experienced the following scenario? You call a rental company to off-hire some equipment, and introduce yourself by saying your name. In most cases the rental clerk also asks the following:

  • Company name
  • Rental contract
  • Fleet number
  • Off-hire date

There are several reasons why this scenario isn’t efficient. First, maybe the rental company has a complex, not-user-friendly ERP system in place. As a result, such systems might require this information. The ERP system might also make it difficult for multiple departments to gain an adequate overview of all the information. Finally, the rental company simply may not have a streamlined, well-prioritized process for handling your situation.

rental company
Image 2: In an ideal world, communicating with a rental company is very simple

How can your rental company make renting easier for you?

Most of the rental information is already in the system and needs to be connecting and combining. With the right technology, this happens instantly. For instance, with just the fleet number you can gather all the other information via a simple lookup. The same holds true if the customer name is a starting point. Everything is related, especially in the world of ERP.  But when the system does not connect the dots, having more information is not going to help your rental department. They need an easy way of working with the data.

A rental company should have a system with centralized cockpits that can be used by every rental department. Depending on role, the cockpit view might be different, but all rental information can be filtered through a friendly user interface. When talking to a customer, users can easily filter on any kind of information and in just seconds all the information is displayed. Users can execute actions like rental contract termination immediately.

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