Are Payroll and Benefits Programs Part of Your Digital Transformation?

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Are Payroll and Benefits Programs Part of Your Digital Transformation?Advancements in technology are changing the way we do business on so many levels. Many businesses are using more advanced management solutions to optimize operations throughout their organization. If you are among the many businesses in the midst of a digital transformation, don’t overlook payroll and benefits management.

Businesses of all sizes and in nearly every business sector are taking advantage of cutting-edge business technology. Comprehensive, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions streamline common tasks from the front office to the back warehouse. Improving productivity across your organization, including the human resources and payroll departments, will optimize resources and contribute to your bottom line.

The payroll and human resources departments are just as challenged by changing legislation and increasing volumes of data that must be collected. In order to remain compliant with the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, your team needs to keep track of more information than ever before and prepare accurate reports on time, or risk penalties. As your business grows and changes, it becomes even harder to manage complicated payroll tasks and benefit programs. The right technology will support complicated payroll situations and evolving benefit programs.

Here are a few examples of solutions that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll during your digital transformation.

  1. Complicated healthcare compliance: Many businesses have been challenged by the type and volume of data that must be collected for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA Compliance solution captures data needed for compliance, includes penalty risk management, eligibility tracking and affordability reporting, and prepares the necessary reports for employees and the IRS.
  2. Fix payroll mistakes faster: Mistakes happen as your headcount grows and when managing complicated payroll situations. Making adjustments to correct a payroll mistake can take as many as 17 additional steps. With Negative Payroll Transactions, you can fix a payroll mistake in just one step.
  3. Streamline leave management: Offering vacation and sick time, personal or administrative leave, volunteer time and other forms of leave is attractive to employees, but difficult to manage. Comprehensive Leave Manager streamlines complex leave plans. Automate accrual schedules and carry-over rules, balance caps or carry over limits and process leave transactions alongside payroll.

When considering new business technology, include payroll and benefit management tasks in the process. The right solutions will improve productivity in these areas and support compliance with changing legislation and increasingly complicated benefit programs. Contact Integrity Data to learn how to optimize payroll and benefit management processes with the right technology.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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