Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Features

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will be released in May. The new GP 2016 features are described below, and our Tidestone Tech Team predicts you will not be disappointed!

HTML5 Web Client - This new functionalist is predicted to improve the performance and navigation of Microsoft Dynamics GP in a cloud hosted environment. The HTML5 interface will replace Silverlight and allow for multi-tenant management for HTML clients.

Improved SmartList Functionality - In GP 2016, you will be able to easily import and export your existing SmartList definitions during installations. You will also be able to create a new SmartList from a favorite within GP, which eliminates the time spent removing and editing unnecessary columns from a default SmartList.

New Business Intelligence Features - You will now be able to access Power BI Reports right from your GP home page, which will allow you to look at your data with fewer mouse clicks. Another BI feature that most of us are looking forward to, is the ability to export numbers to an Excel spreadsheet as actual numbers, instead of text. Budgeting will also be made easier with the new Budget Exception Report, which prints and displays your GP accounts when importing a budget spreadsheet from Excel.

Sales All-in-One Document - The new Sales All-in-One Document view will allow you to view all related sales documents for a single transaction in ONE window that can be accessed in multiple different ways, including from Customer Maintenance, Sales Inquiry, and more.

HTTPS Support for MR - You will now be able to access Management Reporter reports over a secure HTTPS communication, which is the first time GP has had the ability to deploy MR reports with HTTPS access.

Workflow Reassignment Feature - This feature will give you more control over who will receive Workflow approval notifications. The email notifications that can be sent to the approver include delegation, escalation, and alternate approval.

In just two short months, all of these new features will be available to you! To schedule your upgrade now, or to ask about Microsoft Dynamcis GP 2016, contact Patrick Murray today: | 207-956-6634


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