Why Are Microsoft Dynamics GP Customers Moving Their Solution to the Cloud?

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Why Are Our Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Customers Moving Their On-Premise Solution to the Cloud?

There may be very good reasons for a customer to stay with an on-premise solution, but companies are starting to look at all of the alternatives today, rather than making assumptions that the old way is the best way when it comes to deploying Dynamics GP. When a business is faced with any of the following scenarios, they have probably spent some time evaluating the alternatives to traditional IT habits and spending:

1. When they have to invest in hardware, operating system upgrades, or any IT infrastructure.

2. When they don’t have reliable internal IT resources for Server and Database updates.

3. When they want to utilize their IT resources for more valuable work, such as business intelligence and reporting.

4. When compliance and standards are mandatory, and the risk of non-compliance is unacceptable.

5. When a company cannot afford to have their Dynamics GP system down; when they need to be secure in knowing that backups, redundancy, and disaster recovery plans can be relied on.

6. When a business has decided to outsource expertise, where the resource need fluctuates throughout the year, rather than hiring expensive FTE’s.

7. When they need anytime, anywhere access because of multi-locations, time zone differences, and a decentralized staff.


If one or more of these situations is true for your business, consider moving your application(s) to the cloud.  You may find that it’s not in your best interest yet, but you’ll be making an educated decision.  And isn’t your business worth that?

Ask us how we’ve helped other Microsoft Dynamics GP customers move their on-premise solution to the cloud, and about the countless benefits they are receiving.

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