Fixing the Invoice-to-Pay Problem

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Finance teams are facing pressure to improve their AP processes to increase accuracy and workflow as AP departments are continuing to struggle with one or more of the following inefficiencies:

  • Failure to take advantage of early pay discounts
  • Human keying errors
  • Determining who gets the invoice first
  • Lost invoices
  • Small AP staff
  • High management expectations

Does this sound familiar to your process? To help address these common problems, Mary Schaeffer, president of AP Now, hosted a webinar sponsored by MineralTree on Efficiency Problems that Plague the Invoice-to-Pay Process.

When we polled the Proformative audience on “What is management most concerned about in regards to AP?” A whopping 52 percent replied “Reducing the time it takes to process an invoice."

proformative poll graph

With Accounts Payable Automation, businesses eliminate the need to key in invoice detail and print invoices and reduces errors associated with manual data entry to save time and money.

Are You Ready For AP Automation?

Check out our whitepaper, “Why You Need to Consider Automating Accounts Payable” online.

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1 thought on “Fixing the Invoice-to-Pay Problem”

  1. I think that it is good to figure out where the strengths and weaknesses are and then go from there. I believe that there are always ways to improve upon current processes. Automation is key in saving time. Thanks for sharing!

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