How to Seamlessly Transfer Data from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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How to Seamlessly Transfer Data from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP



We recently spoke with one of our customers who had been manually entering data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. This customer had several lines of data that were routinely entered weekly and monthly. Entering all of this data into a proof-read Excel spreadsheet and then into Microsoft Dynamics GP took several hours at a time.

The customer feared that skipping the "Excel spreadsheet" step, and entering the data directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP, would leave room for error and create chaos if a transaction needed to be revised or reversed after it had been entered into GP.

We suggested that the customer look at one of our Tidestone Products, the Macro Series.  The Macro Series is a collection of individual import tools designed to seamlessly import data from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Using the Macro Series would ultimately allow the customer to maintain an Excel spreadsheet with their recurring and/or individual transactions and import the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP with one simple click. The Macro Series tool would eliminate the need to enter data twice (once into an Excel spreadsheet, and again into GP).

The customer decided to purchase the Tidestone Macro Series product. Their tedious several hour process of entering data into an Excel spreadsheet and re-entering data into Microsoft Dynamics GP has been drastically reduced to a single-entry, one-click process that takes only 15 minutes on average; how efficient!

If there are any routine processes that take longer than you think they should, or more specifically, a process that requires you to transfer data from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out our Tidestone Products! Some of our products could help you increase efficiencies and meet those deadlines that you keep pushing off!


For more information, contact Kelley Sintz today: or via phone at 207-956-6635!


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