What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

Based on customer feedback and market research, Microsoft developers continue to improve Microsoft Dynamics accounting software solutions by adding desirable enhancements to each new release. The combination of customer feedback and the Microsoft Dynamics community ensures that Microsoft’s newest products will be better than ever before; a complete solution for your small to medium-sized business needs. Here you will find a guide to the newest enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015:


Foundation Enhancements

The new foundation enhancements offered in GP 2015 are updates to the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP system and Integration Manager, broken down into four main segments. The first is Service Based Architecture (SBA), which promotes efficiency and flexibility for your system implementers or IT team who deploy Dynamics GP from the cloud. SBA enables implementers to automate provisions including upgrades, adding new companies, and reconfiguring existing setups. What this actually means, is that a few clicks can build an app that generates GP data from your organization, and a high level of technical expertise is no longer required to do so. To learn more about how this new feature can save your business time and money, read our blog about SBA! Some other foundation enhancements included in Dynamics GP 2015, are Identity Management, allowing users to log into their Web Client account with your organizational account credentials, increasing efficiency by limiting the number of logins necessary to access your applications; the “Copy” User Setting, which enables users to copy a home page and its corresponding page roles, content and settings, saving you a tremendous amount of time during new record setups; and lastly, Management Reporter Integration Options, which is a new option added to the ‘Company Setup Options’ window that allows users to choose whether to use information from the GL and/or Analytical Accounting when creating financial statements.

Financial Enhancements

There are four key enhancements to the financial modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: workflow functionality, intercompany enhancements, purchase order warnings, and fixed asset year-end close reports. The new Workflow Functionality enhancement enables users to select an approval process to be completed before specific tasks can be finished (ie: GL batch approval, payables batch approval, vendor approval, receivables batch approval, etc.). The Purchase Order Warning enhancement is an option that has been added to the ‘Payables Management Setup’ window that displays a warning if an open purchase order already exists, before the transaction can be saved or posted. This enhancement was designed to prevent entries from being posted in the wrong module. To learn about all of the financial enhancements, sign up for our User Group Meeting!

Distribution Enhancements

There are two new distribution enhancements included in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The first is Email Editing Functionality, which enables users to edit and re-send email messages that have previously been sent to customers, containing sales or purchasing documents. This enhancement is available from the ‘Sales Inquiry Zoom’ and ‘Purchase Inquiry Zoom’ windows if you already have email functionality set up. If not, contact us to learn how to enable this feature! The second new distribution enhancement is the Payment Terms Options, which is a set of options available in the ‘Payment Terms Setup’ window that give the user more control over due dates, discounts, and transaction calculations wherever payment terms are used. The transaction date tool calculates the due date from the date the transaction was entered and the discount date tool uses the calculated discount date to calculate the transaction date.

Human Resources Enhancements

The new Human Resources enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 enable employees to use various Employee Self-Service tools to access their profile, paystubs, tax withholding information, direct deposit information, benefits package, and make updates to their skills and training profile. These functionalities are similar to what is available in the Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client Business Portal and Web Client, but now accessible right from Dynamics GP. Second, is the List Approval Notification enhancement, which prompts managers to approve employee information updates made by the employee and gives managers the ability to submit changes to an employee record.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Enhancements

The Dynamics GP business intelligence and reporting features have been greatly enhanced in GP 2015, including updates to Management Reporting, SmartList Builder, and Business Analyzer. The Management Reporting Navigation Integration enhancement enables you to choose the management reporter setting used to setup financial statements and generate a list of reports you’ve created, which helps you quickly and easily find, print, or modify a report. The SmartList Designer enhancement allows users to create a refreshable Microsoft Excel report from the Excel report library. This new option is listed in the SmartList menu, and gives you two different ways to open a report (1) from the location that the report was originally deployed, or (2) from Excel if the report was exported. The Business Analyzer update involves a new companion application that enables users to view pre-configured reports from Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. The Business Analyzer companion app can also be used to communicate with others in real-time.

For a complete overview and demonstration of the new functionality available to you in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, join us at our GP User Group Meeting! The meeting will be held at Nappi Distributors in Gorham, Maine on Tuesday January 27th from 9:00-12:00pm EST. Click here to register now!

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