Dynamics ERP for Retail

Rockton Software's Logo Buy One, Get One Promotions: Maximizing the Benefits

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions are a powerful pricing strategy widely used in retail to boost sales, clear inventory, and attract new customers. Imagine offering a free pair of […]

MetaOption LLC's Logo Run Your Entire Retail Business with One Software Platform: LS Central

In today’s competitive retail landscape, managing a business efficiently is more challenging than ever. From inventory management to customer service, retailers must juggle multiple tasks to stay ahead. The solution? […]

MetaOption LLC's Logo Centralized Retail: Command Your Business from Front to Back

In today’s retail world, staying on top of your business is crucial. From managing inventory and sales to keeping customers happy, there’s a lot to juggle. That’s where centralized POS […]

Dynamics Square UK's Logo 11 Things to know about Dynamics 365 for Commerce – The Powerful Weapon for Commerce Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce, earlier known as Dynamics 365 Retail, is the modern and cutting-edge solution for the growing commerce industries around the globe. It accepts the customer requirements, […]

Dynavision's Logo ISV Business Central Podcast - Challenges & opportunities in the Dynamics space

The Business Central ISV Podcast - Dynavision In this first edition of the Business Central ISV Podcast, Ingmar Boon (Microsoft) invited Dynavision to talk about to challenges and opportunities an […]

Dynavision's Logo Case: How to effortlessly import supplier Excel files in BC without manipulation

Addressing key challenges One of the key challenges faced by Succeed IT's clients was the time-consuming task of maintaining accurate pricing and item information within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central […]

Dynavision's Logo Product Demo: Advanced Pricing & Discounts for Business Central

Are you a consultant or key user that wants to improve the current pricing experience in Business Central? Then this is a must watch demo for you! This demo gives […]

Dynamics Square UK's Logo 9 Reasons to Implement Dynamics 365 for Retail Industries

As a retailer, you know how complex the system has become. The days of offline retail have gone, and we are living in the era of online purchase. Customers are […]

Dynavision's Logo Product demo: Advanced Item & Price Import

Discover the Dynavision Advanced Item & Price import app, focused on wholesalers & distributors who are struggling to keep their article information and prices up to date. In the demovideo […]

MetaOption LLC's Logo From Point of Sale to Point of Experience: Enhancing Retail with LS Central

For decades, the point of sale (POS) system reigned supreme in retail. It was the cash register, the transaction hub, the very end of the customer journey. But times have […]


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