ERP SHERPA Program Provides a Self-Implementation Option for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Do you have the time and resources to self-implement Dynamics 365 Business Central? Then the Business Central Assistance (SHERPA Program) is for you. Like a SHERPA, we help you carry those heavy loads and encourage you along the implementation journey. Yes, you still have to do the work, but the speed is up to you.


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Migrating to the cloud is no easy task. It can quickly get overwhelming and expensive. But the need for businesses to have their services available in the cloud is more crucial than ever due to the global pandemic. Providing employees with anytime anywhere access to employees ensures they have all the tools and services they need to do their job remotely.


Moving to a cloud platform takes time and resources that many organizations don’t have so they contact cloud consultants to handle the migration. However, these services often come with hefty fees and can be complicated.


Even if you do have experience with cloud migration, but are looking for additional help, JourneyTEAM has a solution. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Assistance program (SHERPA) is designed to provide support to organizations self-implementing Business Central. Our services are considerably more affordable than other cloud migration services, which means you can save more of your budget for other projects.

An Overview of the SHERPA Program

Every company will have different needs when it comes to migrating. Larger companies or those with less experience might require a “concierge” experience where most of the work is done by the company. Other companies who have implemented an ERP system before may need less assistance and prefer someone to provide guidance when needed. With the JourneyTEAM sherpa program, you’ll get the exact amount of support you need for a successful migration.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Sherpa Program


JourneyTEAM is your guide as you transition to Business Central. We place you into a classroom-like scenario where you’ll be taught by a team of professionals how to use this cloud platform for three months. After that, you’ll begin the implementation process and receive as much or as little help from JourneyTEAM as you’d like.


Customized Support for a Seamless Migration

The rest of the nine months of the sherpa program will be spent helping you make the move to Business Central with our managed services plan. You’ll have access to a dedicated team of professionals who will assist you with any of your questions through an online support portal or via online chat, phone, or email.


Additional services include:


  • Access to recorded video trainings, documents, and materials.
  • Regular reviews of performance metrics and system health
  • A self-service portal that allows you to review Business Central training or documentation.


When you purchase the SHERPA Program, you’ll get five hours of support every month where you can get one-on-one support from one of our representatives, patch and upgrade assistance, or emergency on-call support with one of our representatives. Additional support can be purchased at a great price should you need it.

Saving You Money on Cloud Migration

At JourneyTEAM we’re committed to helping you save on cloud migration. Choose from two financial options that best fit your budget. Pay for our 12-month program entirely up-front or choose to pay a low monthly fee. It’s important to note that the 12-month option does not include Business Central licensing, while the monthly option does include licensing. No matter which program you choose, JourneyTEAM is committed to helping you save thousands on cloud migration.

Start Your Migration Today

You won’t find a more qualified team to assist you in cloud migration than JourneyTEAM. We’re an award-winning Microsoft partner having just won the 2020 Crystal Eagle Award as a Top 5 Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner and the 2019 and 2020 Partner of the Year Award.


Contact JourneyTEAM today to start your migration to Business Central. Our clients who already have a JourneyTEAM contact can learn more about our SHERPA Program from them.


Don’t wait any longer to begin your migration to Business Central. Contact JourneyTEAM to enjoy customized and unparalleled support.


Ready to Get Started?

JourneyTEAM is an award-winning Microsoft partner, having recently won the 2019 and 2020 Partner of the Year Award as well as they are the 2020 Crystal Eagle Award as a Top 5 Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner. They are committed to seeing you succeed and providing you all the support you need to successfully implement the cloud.


If you’re ready to get started with the SHERPA Program, fill out the contact form on this page:


If you want more information contact a JourneyTEAM representative. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Don’t wait any longer to make the move to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Partner with JourneyTEAM and get all the support you need while making the switch.




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