No More Microsoft Dynamics NAV Locking!

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(For Version: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017) 


Locking/ Spinning of Microsoft Dynamics NAV , Unable to find and kill the locking session!!

This is a prevalent problem for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users and IT Administrators. This interrupts the productivity in many Medium and Large enterprises.

Increased in-activity of users for a longer time causes disturbance in work flow and frayed tempers. Locking/ Spinning is something, when multiple processes trying to access the same content from the same table that causes a freeze in NAV client for the users. This leads to a delayed response from server or, sometimes it could even turn worse of NAV client being unresponsive for a longer time, leading to a server restart.

From Microsoft NAV 2013 onwards, it does not have any admin control process, which can instantly identify and tackle such situation.

Jean Martin provides an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly:

  • to help administrator to identify and kill the locking sessions.
  • not interrupt other user’s activity.
  • no need to restart the SQL service and / or SQL Server.


  1. Simple process and can be handled by the admin personnel.
  2. Improved user experience, by saving their in-progress work.
  3. Saves production hours and in turn dollars.


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV how Jean Martin can improve your organization’s operations, contact us today.

By Jean Martin

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