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If you’re using or considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations for your equipment driven rental business, it’s likely that you’re very interested in its cloud-based and mobile BI possibilities. With DynaRent, HiGH Software gives you tools for incorporating Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365 into all your equipment rental analytics.

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Image 1: Equipment Driven BI

We’re reaching the point where there’s no limit to the insight businesses can gather—the challenges for equipment-driven businesses is how to ensure the data is relevant. You want to ensure customers that they’re working with equipment and services that are backed by rigorous lifecycle management. Your front and back office are working in real time to assess opportunities, financials, and operations so that you optimize equipment usage and service efficiencies. Rental, leasing, and services industries from construction to retail tools to car dealerships must look constantly at customer and business trends. These are just a few of the many areas where equipment-driven companies need meaningful ways to work with IT innovations like Big Data, cloud analytics, and mobile technologies such as the Internet of Things.

DynaRent Equipment Driven BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

DynaRent Power BI enables you to work with focused, proactive insight using structured data collections that target industry-specific, equipment driven needs. You can create standard or custom reports and analyses based on pre-configured data that’s drawn from virtually any source. Role-based, graphical KPIs let users drill from global to granular views of equipment, operations, and finance.

equipment driven
Image 2: New revenue streams for your equipment driven industries

You’ll be able to predict and optimize utilization, service, or equipment purchase and selling by combining any analytic factors you need

And you’ll work effortlessly with your preferred reporting tools—Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics AX, Excel, and third-party software. DynaRent Equipment Driven BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations makes all that possible, and gives you visibility into trends that point to new revenue streams for your equipment-driven industries.

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