Microsoft NAV 2016 Version Upgrade! Never Worry!!

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Many companies hesitate to upgrade versions due to the given common worries:

  • Upgrade will stop the production for a few days or a week
  • Upgrading will need extra time, money and effort.
  • My version of NAV is so old that it cannot be upgraded.
  • Any NAV Developer can handle upgrades


Actually, upgrading is the best investments in your company. When you upgrade, you can take advantage of new function, platform and features. It will help your business a lot and improve your company’s performance.


Why use Jean Martin Upgrade for NAV?

This end-to-end Jean Martin Upgrade for NAV service delivers value to Microsoft Dynamics Partners:

  • FREE NAV Upgrade Assessment*:Get a free professional upgrade analysis.
  • Partner Sales & Marketing Upgrade Tools*:Receive free access to sales & marketing toolkits.
  • Self-Service Upgrade*:Access self-service transformation tools to help decrease the upgrade investment for your customers.
  • Guaranteed a Cost-Efficient Upgrade Path
  • Test Data Migration
  • Live Data Migration:Gain expert support for your live upgrade/data migration.
  • Upgrade Subscription: Provide your customers with stability and peace of mind with fixed price upgrades, minimal solution downtime, and regular product.


How You Benefit By Choosing Jean Martin


Jean Martin’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade Service Process


For more information on how Jean Martin can improve your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV version upgrade experience, contact us today.

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