How to build a strong foundation for digital transformation

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The digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges to tackle in the upcoming years. But how do you prepare your company? How do you make sure you’re covering all of your bases? How do you know you know everything you need to know?

Focus on employees’ experience and make a strategy

Don’t worry—you don’t need to know everything. You have searched for the best employees and now they are working for you. Use their talents and insights; they have the company’s best interests at heart and you have to trust their expertise. So set up a task force and devise a strategy together. Not only your strategy will be more complete, but it can also be implemented throughout your company.

Make sure you understand the transformation

You don’t have to know everything, but you do have to understand which digital opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones are not. Your employees have the knowledge, but you also have to know enough to understand what they are talking about. So make sure you educate yourself; be informed. Attend seminars and workshops to stay in the know.

ready for the transformation

Know what you are

When you know the foundation of your company, you also know how to build on it. Every piece of knowledge you gather helps to form the building blocks of your company’s digital transformation. This way you, will not just follow the hype, but can pick and choose the changes that suit your company.

Know your company’s limits

To know what you are, you must also know your limits. How far can you stretch things? Does it really fit your company, or do some changes need a little time? Maybe it will take multiple steps instead of one big leap.

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