The rental portal: Why is it so important?

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Give your customers the service experience they desire

A community portal is the ideal way to establish a support community with a low threshold for your customers. You can create an environment based on what your customers want and need. This way, you will not only save your customers time, but it will also diminish the number of support questions you will receive. Your customers can read about the solutions they need whenever and wherever they want. By actively receiving and responding to feedback, the system can give you a clear picture of your customers’ needs. By using keywords from previously submitted tickets, the system will suggest more in-depth information. The more specific this picture becomes, the more you will be able to offer customers a fantastic service experience.

Give your partners the tools they need

When you are working together with partners, a parent portal is the perfect way to strengthen this relationship even more. Not only will a partner portal empower your partners in the decision-making process, it also gives them the tools to be aware of all sales opportunities. At the same time, it allows you to collect richer data to support your future strategy.

The partner portal
Image: Give your partners the tools they need through your partner portal

Give your employees the community they deserve

Through an employee portal, you can spread new updates easily and quickly. You can also target  specific employees, so only the ones who need the information will get it. The employee self-service knowledge base helps you improve productivity. With Employee Self-Service and Office 365, employees can be more efficient and react quickly and consistently without having to switch between applications.

Give your company the flexibility you’ve always wanted

You can create portals for whatever you need and adjust them perfectly to your company’s needs. Portfolios, franchises, service technicians, investments—anything you can think of can have its own portal, making your company dynamic and flexible.

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