How to crush your competition in the rental business

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Customer service

Customer service is clearly an essential department within the nurturing cycle. We don’t have to tell you that a happy customer is good for your rental business. But did you know that the right ERP System can help you improve your customer service? Some aspects of customer service need to be personal, but there are other parts that can be automated. Artificial intelligence or chatbots are becoming increasingly smart! By automating some parts of your customer service, your service desk will have more time to excel in personal contact. This will help increase customer satisfaction.

Rental business automation

There are many areas in which you can use automatization to reduce the workload. Many benefits will emerge when you start automate. Not only will it reduce absenteeism, but it will also increase employees’ focus because the boring tasks will be reduced. Employees will be happier because they can do what they really love instead of dealing with all the bureaucratic hassles. And in the end, it will also improve working together between departments because they won’t have to remind each other of all the small details. Increased efficiency, lower absenteeism, and improved employee focus will give you a huge advantage over your competition—and at a lower cost!

Rental business

Price wars are a race to the bottom

Do not let the market tempt you into a price war, since we all know that it will only ruin the market and profits for the whole industry. Customers are willing to pay that little bit extra when they feel understood by the brand or when the service is phenomenal! Many things have changed in the market since the start of the digital revolution, but there’s one thing that will always stay the same: The customer buys when he/she trusts your rental business. Make sure you invest in a system that can give your customers what they need.

Updates: functional, usable, scalable

Make sure you use a system that is scalable, a system that can grow with your rental business. The digital transformation will make the market more and more agile, and companies that can be as flexible as the market will have a clear advantage.

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