How to create the breeding ground for a genuine change?

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Mindset for change

The mindset of your company is vital. To create the right atmosphere, everything begins with mindset. When the company mindset is open and cooperative, cultivating the right environment will be much easier than if everyone is close-minded and wants to keep everything the same. Let’s take a look at several aspects that will help you to create a breeding ground for change.

Positive atmosphere

With a negative atmosphere, it is impossible to create an environment where change can flourish. Make sure your employees trust each other and that it is easy to give feedback when needed. Create an atmosphere where there is no such thing as stupid questions or silly ideas. You never know what one suggestion may lead to. Being open-minded is the only way to create change.

breeding ground for change

Remove the barriers

There are often invisible (or sometimes even visible) barriers between departments that prevent them from working together. This makes it harder to establish change. Taking down these barriers and creating a flat organizational structure will provide room for new developments. When departments work together and understand each other’s problems, it can help create a breeding ground for change.

Accepting risk

Accept that every change comes with risk. There is the risk you were wrong, that the shift was too fast, or that you hopped on the train too late. There is the risk you will lose money, or that your customers won’t follow your change. But if you do not accept the risks, they will hold you hostage.

Because there is also the chance that everything will work out just fine. You may gain new customers who understand what you are doing. It may increase your profit—you never know for sure. Even if you calculate and plan everything in detail, there will be always risks. So, the only things you need to ask yourself are “Does the change fit our company?” “Is everyone on board?” and ”Is it worth the risk?”

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