You Aren’t Stuck with Payroll System Limitations, You Have Options

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You Aren’t Stuck with Payroll System Limitations, You Have Options

Most payroll systems are pretty straightforward. However, your business isn’t. Complicated payroll needs and benefit programs don’t always fit nicely within the payroll software that you have in place. You don't have to be stuck with payroll system limitations, you have options. We offer a number of Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll add-on solutions that can streamline complex operations, saving you valuable time, money and frustrations. In addition, when you partner with us, we provide customer care, resources, demonstrations and training to ensure you are optimizing your complete payroll system.

Payroll Processes Get Complicated

Payroll systems do exactly what they are named for, they process payroll. The problem, however, is that payroll processes get complicated. An increase in headcount, a variety of benefit and insurance programs, and changes in pay rates and pay codes make a simple process much more complex. As a result, your payroll team resorts to spreadsheets, forms and approval processes that might help capture and organize data, but also wastes valuable time. The more manual processes you have, the higher the risk for mistakes which wastes additional time.

You aren’t stuck with the basic payroll system you have in place. Modern technology, including Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, offers options and we can help you capitalize on the many innovative customizations that are available.

Integrity Data Support and Customer Care

When you partner with Integrity Data, our team of experts will work hard to optimize your GP Payroll experience. Together, we will identify the weaknesses of your payroll system and discuss options. We want to know which complicated processes cost time, money and create frustration. Then, we will make sure you take full advantage of the add-on solutions that strengthen and streamline these complicated payroll processes. We offer a variety of benefit management solutions in addition to payroll accounting, processing and productivity solutions. We also provide our customers with the support and care needed to optimize the use of these systems.

  1. You have questions, we have answers: Find the answers to the questions you might have regarding our GP Payroll products or the ACA Compliance Solution in the Knowledge Base. This comprehensive site is a valuable resource as you get to know more about our products.
  2. Stay connected: We’ve developed two user groups that keep you connected to other system users and a vast content library. We have an ACA User Group and a Payroll Systems User Group that offer insights, tips and valuable information for the payroll systems you put in place.
  3. More ACA resources: ACA is a confusing piece of legislation with complicated obligations; however, our ACA Compliance Solution streamlines the process. We have also assembled ACA educational resources to further help you understand how this legislation applies to your business.
  4. Live demonstrations and more: If you want to see a product in action, take a look through our collection of software feature videos. We continually develop videos that highlight the various features and functionality of our solutions. We are also happy to provide a live product demonstration so you can ask questions and see how the systems really operate. Want more? Join us at the Dynamics User Group Conferences, the SHRM Annual Conference or other events to discuss your payroll problems and our solutions in person.

Capitalize on All Your Payroll System Options

Payroll system limitations are frustrating, and the software doesn't often fit your needs right out-of-the-box, especially as your business grows and changes. Modern business systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, offer flexibility and room for customizations when they are needed. With the right tools, you can streamline complicated payroll processes. Contact Integrity Data to discuss how you can capitalize on all your payroll system options through our available software and customer support services.

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