How to manage your prices in Rental Agreements

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Companies continuously look for the best price arrangements when they start working with a vendor or customer. But keeping track of all these different kinds of prices of rental agreements can be a difficult task. Dynarent offers you a great solution for this problem.

In this article, we will explain how to keep track of all your pricing agreements. Dynarent offers you an easy-to-maintain way to set and fix prices and discounts in the system which you can define on multiple levels. Once you set this, it automatically reflects preset prices when a you create a rental or sub-rental order.

Overview of Rental Agreements
Image 1:
An overview of Rental Agreements in Dynarent.

Various levels of pricing agreements: How to manage them?

You can make agreements on pricing on various levels, including prices or discounts for a specific customer, location, or project. Maybe even a combination of these. This is all perfectly manageable in Rental Agreements. Let’s have a look at the different levels on which you can agree and set pricing:

  • Default
  • Prospect group
  • Prospect
  • Work location group
  • Work location
  • Project group
  • Project

With Dynarent, you have the perfect system to manage all your specific agreements.

Besides pricing, the rental agreements are the best way to preset additional rental options like insurance, warranty, and transport. This is very useful if, for example, you always offer transport in combination with the equipment you rent out. Once this is set in the agreement, it will be automatically added to the rental order when it is created.

possibilities in a rental agreement
Image 2:
An overview of the possibilities in a Rental Agreement.

In addition, it is also possible to work with price and transport tiers. This offers you the option to set price adjustments based on the time that the equipment is rented out. For example, you could preset that when a product is rented out for more than five days, the customer will get a discount.

Price tiers in a rental agreement
Image 3:
Price tiers in a rental agreement

The Rental Agreements function is a perfect solution to managing your pricing agreements. By offering various levels and additions, it allows you to be flexible and also saves time when creating and managing your rental orders.

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