Help Employees Succeed with Their Financial Goals

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Help Employees Succeed with Their Financial GoalsEmployees are setting new resolutions and goals to make this a healthy, happy, and financially good year. Businesses can play a larger role in supporting their employees’ personal goals with Best Money Moves, a mobile app your employees can use to learn how to save and manage money, resolve financial problems and make smarter moves with their money. Help your employees meet their financial goals.

Strong Financial Management is Not Just a Business Goal

Just like your own business, your employees are striving to master their finances. Employees want to navigate financial challenges and make sure their money is working just as hard as they are. When employees are financially stressed, that pressure can often be seen in their job performance. Stressed employees are easily distracted, aren’t as productive when they are on the job, and are likely to take more days off than normal. Support your employee’s efforts to pursue strong financial management by providing them with an innovative tool called Best Money Moves.

Get the Best Out of Your Money

Best Money Moves is a simple, affordable way to pursue strong financial management. The interactive, mobile-first service is purchased by the employer who then offers the service to employees as a free benefit. There are no ads and no sales involved with this service. Employees have access to high quality information, tools, and content that will guide them through financial challenges. Here are a few of the main features of Best Money Moves:

  1. Master the budget: Best Money Moves isn’t just a budgeting tool—it also offers guidance. In addition to managing income and expenses, the tool tells employees what the ‘best money move’ is to improve decision-making and gain greater control over spending.
  2. Master stress: Managing money is stressful. The Stressometer™ measures financial stress using 14 categories. Once an employee can pinpoint where stress is coming from, a content mapping system can guide employees toward resolving these pain points.
  3. Master points: Like many mobile tools, Best Money Moves includes a point-based rewards system. As employees log in, enter information into the profile, work within a budget, read articles, and use the Stressometer, they earn points. Employees can follow their individual point-based progress on a leader board and increase their chances for winning in the next contest.
  4. Master financial information: The articles, information, and other award-winning content in Best Money Moves isn’t full of jargon and complicated concepts. Employees get easy-to-understand information and use easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, employees have direct access to Money Coaches. These trained, accredited professionals are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Provide Employees with an Effective Financial Tool

Helping your employees succeed is good for business. A happy employee is often healthier and more productive; which leads to stronger morale and a stress-free workplace. Best Money Moves is an innovative tool that can make a big difference in the lives of your employees. Contact Integrity Data for more information.

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