Even Strong Financial Management Systems Have Weaknesses

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Even Strong Financial Management Systems Have WeaknessesSavvy businesses of all types and sizes often rely on modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to manage key operations from across their organization. Microsoft Dynamics GP is comprehensive and powerful in many ways, and offers payroll functionality. It’s actually the only Dynamics ERP solution to do so! However, businesses may have unique payroll processes that fall outside the capabilities of the Dynamics GP Payroll system. Instead of creating workarounds, deploy the add-on solutions that streamline complex payroll activities.

Solve Complex Payroll With the Right Technology

Processing payroll is rarely as straight forward as it should be for many businesses. While Dynamics GP supports common payroll processes, it doesn’t have the ability to address the more complicated payroll processes seen in many offices. If you find that Dynamics GP isn’t meeting all of your payroll needs, then integrate Dynamics GP with add-on solutions that solve your payroll challenges.

Here are several helpful payroll add-ons to consider:

  1. Split employee costs: There are situations when it’s necessary for employees to work for different departments or on different projects. As such, their time and expenses must be allocated to those specific cost centers. Use Employee Accounts and Splits to automatically split these costs by percentage based on department, position, pay code or general ledger account. This solution also automates the associated tax and benefit distributions.
  2. Overtime management: Many businesses keep track of overtime hours for budgetary reasons, as well as to maintain compliance with FLSA or other state rules, like the California 7th day overtime requirement. Overtime Hours Rules saves valuable time by automatically calculating overtime hours during the payroll process. Simply establish rules based on employee, department position or other qualifiers and let the solution manage them by day, week, pay period or a combination these options.
  3. Pay rate changes: Employees rarely receive raises on the day payroll is run. Manually calculating different pay rates for a single pay period takes time, especially as headcount increases. Mid Pay Period Rate Changes captures pay rate changes and automatically implements those changes during payroll processing. Employees can verify the change on an earnings statement, noting the old rate and hours on one line and the new rate and hours on a different line.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers robust payroll capabilities, but may not have all the features you need to manage complicated processes and changes. Contact Integrity Data to discuss your payroll challenges and how to solve them with these or other powerful payroll and benefit management solutions.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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