3 Ways to Get Control Over Complicated Payroll

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Many businesses outsource payroll activities because they can be very complicated.  With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013, you can take back payroll and human resources functions and with affordable add-on solutions by Integrity Data, you can control challenging payroll situations.  Below are three solutions by Integrity Data that will help you tame challenging payroll processing and improve productivity in the payroll department.

  1. Paycheck "What If" Calculator: Life happens and employees wonder how certain situations are going to affect their paycheck.  Instead of running a mock payroll by changing employee data and changing it back to the original settings, use the Paycheck "What If" Calculator.  Call up the employee’s information, make changes to pay rates, deductions, or benefits, and see how the changes will affect the net pay.  You can view the changes, print out the information for the employee to consider, or add those changes to the payroll batch if approved.  There are far fewer steps with the Paycheck "What If" Calculator than running a mock payroll and less risk with making unintentional changes.
  2. Overtime Hours Rules:  Overtime pay rarely follows the same rules for each employee.  You may have certain employees with specific pay rates or those who are approved for overtime at certain times of the year.  Streamline overtime calculations with Overtime Hours Rules.  Assign customized daily, weekly, and per pay period overtime rules to individual employees and make sure the eligible employees are paid timely and properly with each overtime instance.
  3. Employee accounts and splits:  Sometimes an employee works for several departments, across multiple projects, or at different locations.  As a result, you get the fallout of splitting time across several cost centers – a time-consuming headache.  Now you can split costs by department, position, or pay code with Employee Accounts and Splits.  You can automatically divide employee costs, overriding original setup rules and options, for one employee or all employees much quicker, easier, and more accurately than going back manually and recalculating everything by hand.  Expense distributions are also split appropriately.

Calculating employee payroll is rarely as easy as hitting the print button and watching the paychecks roll off the printer.  There are exceptions and changes that need to be calculated, approved, and processed with each pay period.  Control the complication with these add-on solutions by Integrity Data.  Contact the experts at Integrity Data to see how these solutions can save you valuable time and streamline the payroll process.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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