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The proficiency of your ERP system can contribute materially to the success of your business; that is why you chose a top of the line ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, no matter how expert your solution, in time you might experience issues with its performance. Perhaps users complain about forms loading slowly, backups taking too long, processes running slower than they used to. Keeping on top of the performance of your ERP is vital.
Typically, an ERP solution will include dozens of interfaces spanning your entire IT environment and affecting applications, servers, databases, operating systems, networks, storage arrays, management tools, and backup software. Diminished performance in any one of these areas can contribute to sluggishness or even process failure. With such an intricate system, it might be difficult to determine where a current or potential problem could be.

A Western Computer Dynamics AX Technical Assessment can identify performance issues and let you know what is necessary for keeping your system running at optimal speed. We will analyze your Dynamics AX solution top to bottom to make certain that every area is configured for peak performance. We will identify present issues with latency, end-user performance, and data transfer, as well as establishing performance benchmarks that will play a crucial role in identifying and resolving any future issues.

The Technical Assessment consists of collecting data, analyzing it and presenting you with our findings. We rely on performance monitoring tools, including Microsoft admin tools, event logs, and third-party utilities, such as the Performance analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics (DynamicsPerf) and PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs). Using these tools, our technicians review your AX configuration, application server, SQL Server performance and database configuration, storage performance and settings, network bandwidth, operating system settings, and other critical aspects of your environment.

In the basic version of the technical assessment, we check all settings against established norms and best practices to identify irregularities that may impact performance. In the advanced version of the assessment, we install performance counters to monitor system activity for up to 30 days, allowing us to identify trends and variations in performance that might not be readily apparent upon initial inspection.

With the results of these tests, our expert technicians will prepare a technical findings report identifying problem areas and outlining our recommendations for improving performance.
Even if you are not presently experiencing performance issues with Dynamics AX, we recommend the Technical Assessment. The establishment of performance benchmarks will prove valuable as you increase users, deploy additional modules and customizations, tweak your AX configuration, or grow your database. This will help you to maintain performance or easily identify the source of problems.
If you have concerns about the performance of your ERP or want to proactively ensure the well-being of your system and keep it running at peak, contact our Dynamics AX experts and ask about the Technical Assessment for Dynamics AX.

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