Two Steps to Easier Payroll Management

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Payroll processing can be an ugly beast. It can be time consuming, fraught with danger and generally a huge headache. If that sounds like your payroll day, week or fortnight, take heart. Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll along with Integrity Data’s game changing add-ons can tame the beast and eliminate the dangers. Here’s how:

First, acknowledge payroll complexities

The benefits that your company offers its employees may be different from other companies and different for other employees or offices within your company. You can’t be expected to keep track of all the different plans with merely an excel spreadsheet like you did in the old days.  You also have to keep track of each employee’s pay rate, overtime, paid vacation and sick days. On top of all that you have to enter and write checks, have them authorized and distributed all within a specific time-frame.

See what I mean by the payroll beast? In some companies this entire process can take days or weeks to complete for each pay period.  But wait. What if most of this information could be entered once and easily updated, perhaps some of it by employees themselves? What if deductions could be calculated and balanced automatically. What if there was software that would take over the “busyness” of preparing payroll and assure that employees got paid on time with no one falling through the cracks?

Next, find the right solution(s):

Integrity Data offers a suite of enhancements that you can add to your Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll software solution.  If calculating vacation time, sick or military leave, FMLA or other leave benefits is a challenge, then Comprehensive Leave Manager is the tool for the job. If your business offers different pay rates or calculates expenses by department, the Employee Accounts and Splits solution allows you to automatically split employee costs by percentage based on department, position, pay code or GL account.

Integrity Data can guide you in finding the right solutions for your particular set of payroll challenges.

Implementing the right software solutions not only increases payroll productivity but reduces time and guards against error. Using the right tools for the job can tame the payroll beast and contribute to far less stress at payroll time.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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