Microsoft Dynamics AX + Document Management = Maximum Efficiency

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You want your organization to function as efficiently as possible, and your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution has been a great asset. You have probably experienced gains in productivity by streamlining your financial processes, but have you noticed that you still have stacks of paperwork adding up and inhibiting your efficiency?

A document management solution that integrates with your AX solution can increase the productivity of your team. Here’s how a document management solution can enhance your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution and help you maximize efficiency at your large enterprise:

Automated workflow: When staff needs to try to remember which department documents need to go to and how they need to be filed or indexed, it often means that they will have to spend hours searching for them when they need them next. Automated workflow with document management, like MetaViewer, auto classifies, identifies and extracts transactional data. It can also facilitate checks with your ERP system to make sure data is accurate.

Elimination of manual data entry: Manual data entry is time consuming, inaccurate and – let’s be honest – boring. But everyone loves tediously keying information into a spreadsheet day after day, right? Wrong. A document management solution captures invoices and other documents, both in electronic and paper format, and extracts information automatically. This means that you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time setting up vendor profiles and entering information by-hand.

Real-time visibility: Executives are busy people and don’t have the time to pull up and print reports. A document management system saves time by providing real-time visibility into financial processes by providing a view of the entire AP process through dashboards and charts.

Fewer mistakes: A paperless document management solution helps you cut down on errors that can lead to unnecessary financial losses and stress. Records are stored on a secure network, meticulously organized and are stored in plain text so you don’t have to read somebody’s chicken scratch. This helps eliminate errors caused by misreading poor handwriting. A document management solution collects and stores invoices electronically. That means no more data entry on your end, and with less manual data entry comes fewer mistakes.

Integration with ERP software: You’ve already made a large investment in a Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to streamline your business processes; adding an AP automation solution further enhances your investment by updating the Microsoft Dynamics AX database with invoice line-item details and correct GL coding information. An AP automation solution can also use information already found in your AX database to index newly scanned documents.

Don't feel like you're getting all the efficiency gains that you can from your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution yet? It may be time to automate and go fully paperless with document management!

by MetaViewer, Paperless ERP for Microsoft Dynamics


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