How DynaRent industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps help your business thrive

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Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps gives businesses a platform for creating end user apps that work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. PowerApps offer end users lots of possibilities, but for this blog we’re going to focus on the “Dynamics angle.”


As a Microsoft Dynamics ISV, HiGH Software is really excited about Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps potential to bring our DynaRent software into a mobile and cloud space for equipment-driven rental and service industries. If you’re not yet familiar with PowerApps, here’s a quick video that showcases how this new platform works.

How Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps can “mobilize” the DynaRent solutions suite

HiGH Software’s goal is to provide an out-of-the-box PowerApps bundle to our DynaRent customers that they can adopt and use within their daily operations. Of course, there are always specific business requirements that can’t be covered within a standard business app, but the Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps platform lets our customers modify standard DynaRent business apps themselves.

By enhancing Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps functionality with HiGH Software industry and business expertise, customers can successfully bring many of our DynaRent capabilities directly onto their mobile device—much more than a pretty UI screen!


Make all your employees part of a mobile workforce

DynaRent PowerApps are not restricted to the mobile field service workforce. Mobile apps are also available for internal roles such as:

  • Depot Managers
  • Rental Clerks
  • Rental Managers
  • Fuel Managers
  • and more…


Bring in more customers by giving them business apps

Today’s end customer expects to do business via apps—indeed, many prefer apps to direct or even website transactions and communications. Using PowerApps with DynaRent can allow you to provide customers with apps that give them quick access to information, transactions, and status. With a tap they can find anything they need to know about their rentals, equipment, rental stops, exchanges, service, invoicing—you name it. Just to start, such an app would increase customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, reduce workload, and eliminate paper trails. These 4 benefits alone could make a significant difference for your equipment-driven rental and service company.


Explore for yourself: DynaRent PowerApps

Here’s an example of an app built using DynaRent PowerApps. This app allows users to quickly view information about equipment in a specific depot, including equipment status. It’s especially useful for depot managers, who can quickly search for and filter details, and update equipment status as needed. It’s available both online and offline. Users who go offline work with near-real time data and sync with the system the next time they go online.

Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps

If you are interested in our DynaRent PowerApps roadmap, please do contact us at or visit We’ll continue to post blogs and articles about mobility trends for equipment-driven industries that we uncoveras we work with our customer. And you can learn more about DynaRent mobility here.

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