Customize Your Microsoft Dynamics AX…?? Learn from Travel Industry

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The biggest advantage of Microsoft Dynamics AX is the capability of the application to handle multi-threaded complex processes. Microsoft has categorized Microsoft Dynamics AX as a premium product in ERP which will be the best fit for Enterprises.


Why choose AX?


Microsoft Dynamics AX can be configured efficiently to read any sensors, actuators of any machinery to receive data through direct feed and processed for different throughput.


Various AX Customization


Business Travel Workflow


Objective - the organization will have onboard resources and/or contracted resources moving in and out of locations as per business requirement. Microsoft Dynamics AX manages every stage within this process to handle through an automated approach.

  1. A traveler to raise their travel needs, get a pass, through an approval queue.
  2. Approval queue has cost approval limits, which flows through an approval matrix based on hierarchy defined.
  3. Pass the approved travel application to “External travel desk”.
  4. Collect the travel details from “External travel desk” based on “Travel Application ID” and update the internal AX application.
  5. End to End interconnection of “Procure to Pay” cycle.
  6. Intimate traveler on their complete itinerary through AX.



The business travel workflow life cycle may look very simple in terms of above expression. But here, the challenge was to connect with different itinerary processing application with “External travel desk” in and out, back to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  1. AX got tuned with the application of “External travel desk” through an automated process.
  2. All approved travel request along with Request ID was saved in a secured public folder with encryption.
  3. Encrypted data is fetched by the “External travel desk” application and decrypted information to process the request.
  4. Completed itinerary will be saved within “External travel desk” application in XML format in a secured public folder with encryption.
  5. The data encrypted data will be collected by AX where the information will be decrypted and separated.
  6. Finance related information will be separated from travel itinerary, where the cost details will be posted to ledger while the travel details will be intimated to a traveler.


A small schematic technical diagram is given for reference purpose.

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