What do you need to gain complete control of how you manage equipment rental projects?

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If your equipment-driven rental company operates multiple depots across countries and even continents, making sense of how you’re using bulk and non-serialized inventory can feel like an international crisis. You’re under continuous pressure to manage equipment rental projects and “work out the differences” across diverse locations to optimize utilization rates, sustain healthy margins across all locations, and reduce added transport expense.

“Must haves” for managing equipment rental, transport, and lifecycles at an international level:

  • Centralized overview of rental inventory that covers all regions, depots, and warehouses.
  • Streamlined handling and monitoring of both bulk and non-serialized (smaller) equipment.
  • Agility to quickly identify and move equipment from dispersed depots/regions to one location.
  • Granular and summary information about transportation costs and transport availability/timing for cost-effective decisions.
  • Insight into current and forecasted demand so that you maintain optimal inventory levels and optimize transport and service planning.
  • Best practices for replenishment so that you balance purchase, sub-rental, and internal movement of equipment.

Strong business strategy is essential, of course, but robust software that’s tailored to your industry gives you these “must haves” for international equipment rental. With DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX), you work with graphical planning tools that deliver:


 Advanced bulk equipment overviews per region, depot, and warehouse

The equipment availability screen gives you a complete overview and insight into available (or needed) bulk quantities for a specific region or warehouse. You can see the transaction and behaviors that results from real-time actions in the available (or needed) quantity. When the availability drops below 0 you can easily use quick order creation to initiate a replenishment by doing an internal movement, purchase, or sub rental.


360 degree overviews for serialized and non-serialized equipment

The equipment availability screen shows you what’s happening for all equipment inventory in real time. You know what you have, rental periods, maintenance, transport, and more at a global level and for selected rental periods. You can create new transaction orders directly from your planning screen, including rental quotation, rental orders, rental projects, and work orders.


End-to-end equipment and resource planning for your internal and external projects

Rental projects dashboards in DynaRent give planners instant, complete overviews for all equipment, resources, and job requirements, along with drill-back into granular details. Working in one window and with a single process, they can access full, real-time insight, implement “just in time” changes, and send work orders and communications to the right people at the right time.


Drag-and-drop service and maintenance planning

Save hours with intuitive, visual tools for allocating and scheduling periodic service & maintenance tasks for your equipment. Planners can assign the best qualified resources for service tasks with instant capabilities overviews. They’ll also have graphical indicators and drag-and-drop tools to ensure all requirements are in place for scheduling and starting a task, from spare parts to transport needs to customer-specific issues.


Graphical transport planning boards

Easily schedule delivery and pick-up tasks for your own equipment or third-party equipment, working with centralized and location-specific views. Schedule tasks that incorporate all needs for trucks and truck drivers. When a task for a route is released, our TomTom WebFleet integration will push all requirements to the truck driver, including transportation notes, documents (CMR), and route information. Completed tasks are automatically sent to the back office and updated on transport planning boards.


Benefits of a complete equipment rental overview

  1. Real time capacity overviews of your manpower and equipment;
  2. Increased efficiency for short-term and long-term rental projects, thanks to a unified graphical planning board and drag-and-drop features;
  3. Ability to manage by exception with standard processes and action management triggers;
  4. Improved service efficiency for maintenance, repairs, spare parts, and more;
  5. Reduced replenishment costs for purchased or sub-rented equipment;


manage equipment rental projects
Image 1: Complete graphical equipment overview for your region/depot.

If you are interested in our DynaRent product, please do contact us at info@highsoftware.com or visit www.highsoftware.com. We’ll continue to post blogs and articles about trends for equipment-driven industries that we uncover as we work with our customer.

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