Future-facing Equipment Service Management: Managing Delayed Maintenance with DynaRent For Microsoft Dynamics

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Service management software is getting better and better at helping companies forecast equipment maintenance scheduling and streamline corrective or emergency maintenance issues. The offshoot of strong service management strategy and execution is that companies actually have freedom to prioritize service needs and allocate tasks like cleaning or extra performance checks to a delayed maintenance schedule. That’s all great, but you need to be sure that your software helps you take care of delayed maintenance as well as it takes care of other service needs.


DynaRent work hand in glove with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX so that equipment that gets registered for delayed maintenance becomes is incorporated correctly into your service schedule. No detail falls through the cracks across your equipment lifecycles, and delayed maintenance is part of the real-time knowledgebase about your equipment that’s fully integrated with your ERP system.

Delayed Maintenance with DynaRent For Microsoft Dynamics
Image 1: Complete delayed maintenance overview per piece of equipment

DynaRent includes delayed maintenance and future maintenance options and the ability to monitor such tasks for every piece of equipment that your register for service. For example, during the creation of ad-hoc maintenance or corrective maintenance work orders, DynaRent automatically informs service planners about any outstanding maintenance tasks, including information and alerts that help them decide to add tasks to the ad hoc maintenance that’s going to be executed.

With a few clicks, service planners can schedule service jobs and create work orders that include all data that service engineers will need for an ad hoc job that includes delayed maintenance tasks. While of course you can incorporate delayed maintenance into your predictive maintenance schedule, the ability to combine ad hoc and delayed maintenance at any time keeps your business as lean and efficient as possible. This is the kind of flexibility that companies want and need for equipment service management in a customer-focused marketplace that runs on tight margins. DynaRent’s automation and rich database of integrated information enables planners, engineers, and your back office to work together organically. That goes for predictive, corrective, and delayed maintenance—the most complex work orders can be generated in seconds, and when service engineers complete them, all information is updated instantly in ERP for billing and equipment lifecycle management updates.

Delayed Maintenance with DynaRent For Microsoft Dynamics
Image 2: Easily include delayed maintenance and all its information in current periodic or predictive mainteance work orders.

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