How to manage all your documents efficiently as a growing company

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When a company is growing, it will initially hire more people in the front end to sell its products, as well as more people for the back office to process all the requests, documents and to make sure that the company can deliver the products or services to the customer.

But while a company is growing, the technological aspects of the business are often forgotten.

More staff means that the number of documents and the email traffic will increase. Therefore, the storage for emails and documents will need to extend in order to maintain all this information. For documents, however, an extra step needed to keep the process as efficient as possible. Most of the documents can be foon local computers and are therefore not directly available to other employees. This means that there is a significant chance that other employees will also produce the same documents because they do not know that the document already exists.

Documents management system
Image 1: Manage your documents efficiently with a document management system

Moreover, when an employee sends a document to another colleague by email, it often happens that this colleague will then store the document on his/her local computer. This means that the document is stored at two different locations and updated by two different people, which is unnecessary. This is just one example of what can happen in a growing company. It may be easy for a growing company to lose focus on the documents process. However, this process is also vital to support the company’s growth.

Currently, there are several solutions to solve an inefficient document process. Example include creating a shared drive to which all employees have access, or introducing a document management system (DMS), which has many advantages.

The choice is yours!

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