Robotic Process Automation for Manufacturing

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Like so many other fields, the field of manufacturing is filled with data. How your company manages that data (and affords to manage that data) is essential to operational efficiency and accuracy. For manufacturing companies that are still managing data manually, it's very likely that you're missing out on important business information that could help your company be more strategic, while creating business processes that are less tedious. Manufacturers often feel a lot of pressure to increase production levels, reduce costs, and use information and data better. We get it, you have your hands full, and business process automation can help ease some of the unnecessary (and manual) burden. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), like MetaViewer, provides relevant information and on-demand status to all business processes, from order management to inventory control, fulfillment and accounts receivable. And when it comes to optimizing relationships with the manufacturer, distributer and customer because processes are streamlined, accurate and extremely efficient.

Today, so many companies are looking to fix their paper problem and get rid of those time-consuming manual procedures, and implementing an automated workflow solution and integrating it with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP gets those companies on the right track. After implementation, companies find themselves using less paper and increasing efficiency, time savings and visibility of invoice and additional document processing. And all that data you've been missing out on; say hello to better access to it! The technology also allows managers to keep a closer eye on employees who are responsible for getting vendors into GP and have peace-of-mind that those tasks are getting done correctly and on-time. Efficiency is the name of the game, and automation allows managers to effectively reallocate employees’ time to more crucial tasks.

It's also vital that manufacturers remain on the good side of their vendors. RPA helps companies improve relationships with vendors by speeding up processes that allow them to get paid faster. And, let's be honest, nothing makes a vendor happier than getting a check in the mail on-time (or even early)!

Workflow software, like MetaViewer, captures and indexes the influx of information constantly coming into organizations, whether it’s vendor data, customer data, product info or data you didn’t even know you needed, and this data could be the key to helping you make more informed and more strategic business decisions.

1 thought on “Robotic Process Automation for Manufacturing”

  1. For digital transformation to be successful, the ERP solution, apart from maintaining the main benefit of providing seamless business operations, must provide an overarching insight into business processes that can result in tangible end gains.

    This is possible only when ERP is enabled with process automation. From improved quality to increased ROI, process automation empowers the digitized workforce to achieve more; dispelling the general misconception that automation will substitute traditional workers.

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