The best way to increase your rental utilization is with DynaRent

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HiGH Software’s rental management and equipment solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations creates quotations, rental orders, and/or work orders in seconds. You can work directly in a graphical available equipment overview that shows the availability of your serialized and bulk equipment. In addition, your end-to-end rental utilization can be executed with advanced warehouse management. Through the finalization of transportation management. Consequently, using the standard DynaRent Power Apps to increase efficiency and simplify paperwork.

Most importantly, DynaRent integrates fully with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, so that all departments as well as the team in the field can share a single system. Furthermore, transport plan boards allow you to manage all your transportation needs from A to Z, including route optimization. A fully integrated service plan board is also available, so you can follow up with the team in the field directly.

How to increase your rental utilization in six bulletpoints

The result is a complete, multi-industry solution that also aligns with the latest innovations in Dynamics 365:

  • A Cloud-based solution running on the Azure platform
  • The ability to run DynaRent 365 on any mobile device
  • Standard DynaRent 365 Power Apps (check-in/check-out , field service, etc.)
  • Complete graphical planning tools for your planning departments regarding transport and service and maintenance
  • Powerful industry-specific BI tools tailored to users’ workspaces give a complete overview of your utilization
  • Direct planning of quotations, rental orders, and work orders based on availability
Rental utilization and business object availability
 Rental utilization and business object availability

For more than 10 years, DynaRent has kept up with the rapid pace of technological progress to maintain the title of Most Innovative Dynamics ISV Solution. We’ve gone well beyond the “Certified for Dynamics AX” status by working closely with customers and partners across multiple industries. Our collaborative approach ensures that our innovations are relevant, flexible, and always ready to adapt to new ways of working.

With our latest version of DynaRent, we’re offering both tried-and-true and fresh ways to help your equipment-driven business thrive and grow–HiGH Software’s primary goal. Curious about the possibilities, challenges, and solutions? Please contact us at to find out more.


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