Consolidating and Improving Leave Management for Easier Payroll

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Consolidating and Improving Leave Management Many businesses are getting creative with the benefits they choose to offer employees. Leave management has evolved into so much more than just vacation time and sick days. Companies might offer comp time, allow employees to utilize time for volunteer activities, or provide personal days that employees can use to just take a day off every now and then. Managing a variety of leave time can become complicated with each new hire, or as your company merges or acquires other businesses. Consolidate this important employee benefit and streamline leave management activities with this modern and easy add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll.

Gain Control Over Complicated Leave Benefits with Technology

PTO often ranks high on the list as one of the most important benefits to employees today. There is nothing more convenient or valuable than taking time off work for a vacation, getting extra rest when sick, using available time to run important errands, or volunteering at a local community event. The ability to use a variety of leave benefits is not just convenient for the employee, it also improves morale and employee productivity, which is good for your business.

Managing leave benefits with manual means is complicated and time-consuming. Transcribing data from time sheets or request forms can lead to errors, which is frustrating to your employees and your payroll department. As your business grows, more employees will use these leave benefits. There may be multiple locations to manage, and you may choose to add or change leave benefits over time. As a result, the leave management process will only grow more complicated and time-consuming. You can gain control over leave benefits with technology.

Manage Multiple Leave Plans in a Single System

You don’t need a bunch of software programs or spreadsheets to manage multiple leave plans, even if your business operates out of multiple locations. Comprehensive Leave Manager is a single, integrated solution that will track all your leave plans in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll. Here’s how it works:

  • Establish a variety of leave plans: Define all your leave plans from vacation and sick time, personal or volunteer time, to administrative leave and comp time. Comprehensive Leave Manager can track any type of leave benefit you choose to offer employees.
  • Manage the details: After establishing the type of leave time to offer, setup accrual schedules, carry over rules, probationary periods, maximums, balance caps, and other details.
  • Automate the process: With all these details in place, Comprehensive Leave Manager will automatically process leave transactions within the Dynamics GP Payroll system. There are no extra steps required by your payroll staff.
  • Make changes when needed: As you change or create new forms of leave, you can assign leave codes to groups of employees or create mass leave transactions for multiple employees at once.
  • Transaction history: A quick display shows leaders the available time and details regarding the leave time already used by an employee. The HRM Self Service Suite provides access to this information directly to the employee. They can also use this system to submit leave requests.

The Best Solution is Often the Simplest One

Consolidating and improving leave management is as simple as adding Comprehensive Leave Manager to your Dynamics GP Payroll system. You can rely on this add-on solution to streamline the entire leave management process, saving valuable time within your payroll department and with your employees. Contact Integrity Data for more information about the Comprehensive Leave Manager and our other time-saving payroll solutions.

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