Microsoft Dynamics: GP versus NAV

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Hello, everyone.  John Stucky with TrinSoft.  Today I am talking about Microsoft Dynamics software and I am comparing the differences between their two most popular Dynamics products – Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.

Since both of these solutions were tailored for the mid-market and there’s a lot of overlap in their functionality, how does a company know which one to choose?  What are some of the factors that would move an organization towards one or the other? Well, I’m giving you three for each product. For the Dynamics GP side of things, here are a few things to remember:


  1. GP is a ‘best of breed’ out-of-the-box solution. It’s built for an organization that is ready to tailor their workflow to how Dynamics GP processes transactions. GP provides rich functionality but is not as flexible as NAV.
  2. With GP it’s common to have ISV or third-party products as part of the solution. And there’s a very robust, strong, feature-rich set of ISV products on the market. So if you’re in a specific industry, it’s not uncommon that there may already be a pre-built ISV solution for your industry to address unique feature needs or specific industries
  3. GP is typically a little easier and quicker to install and maintain.


Now, the next product—Dynamics NAV. It often surprises people to learn that Dynamics NAV has the largest install base of any product in the Dynamics family, with well over one million users:


  1. NAV is extraordinarily flexible. It can be adapted to meet the unique needs or business requirements of your organization.
  2. The toolset also enables those changes to be tracked and automated to keep updates and maintenance much easier.
  3. NAV provides an excellent platform to enable business leaders and industry leaders to disrupt an industry, leverage core competencies, and grow their business.


So, at a high level Dynamics GP has a little less flexibility, but is a little bit easier to install. Dynamics NAV is very flexible, and very strong in that regard, but takes a little bit longer to install.

There you have it--a high level look at the differences between Microsoft's two most popular Dynamics products: GP and NAV.

If you want more information, we have a couple other videos in our library that dig into more of the details and compare them a little closer.

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If you have any questions or want to see the Dynamics products in action, drop us a note or give us a call at (859) 252-6225. Thanks for watching.

by TrinSoft, LLC a Microsoft Dynamics GP & NAV Enterprise Partner in Kentucky

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