Vacation season a big headache? Here’s the cure.

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Vacation season a big headache? Here’s the cure.Is it getting difficult to keep track of your employees this summer? Are your front doors constantly revolving as employees come and go? Have you noticed your payroll team is a little on edge lately? We are in the middle of prime vacation season and keeping track of leave time using manual means is causing big-time headaches. Here’s what you need to gain control over leave management right now!

Complicated Leave Management Wastes Valuable Time

Most businesses offer a variety of vacation and sick time and not only because it’s required in many circumstances. Employees play a large role in the success of your business and they enjoy the ability to take a few days off here and there – don’t we all? However, back at the office, vacation isn’t always a good thing.

Employees first request to take time off, managers need to approve it, then the payroll team has to calculate and apply it to each person’s payroll record. Form after form travels throughout the office for signatures and data is repeatedly reviewed and marked down in one system or another. Managing leave time can be a tedious process. Multiply that by additional forms of leave and hundreds of employees and it’s no wonder why your payroll team grows a little testy in the summer.

Put Technology to Work

Make it easier for your payroll team by letting technology do the work when employees take vacation. Comprehensive Leave Manager, a Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll add-on solution, is a simple way to save valuable time and frustration throughout the entire leave management process. Here are a few of the highlights:

Offer unlimited types of leave: In addition to vacation and (mandatory) sick time, you can offer any other form of leave such as personal time, administrative leave and volunteer time. You can also manage comp time and any other type of leave that you want to track.

Manage leave rules: Automate accrual schedules, carry-over rules, maximums, balance caps and other plan rules. You can also establish and automate waiting or probationary periods. As you add or change leave codes, easily apply them to large groups of employees.

Make it self-service: Employees can review and submit requests for leave through the HRM Self Service Suite in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Managers are able to approve time off faster and no one needs to interrupt your payroll team with questions about how much vacation time is left – a big bonus for your team.

Automate leave transactions: Since Comprehensive Leave Manager is integrated with the payroll system, the leave time used is automatically processed without any additional steps from your payroll team. This is a game-changer for saving time and reducing the frustration within your payroll department.

Deploy Comprehensive Leave Manager and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

By replacing manual payroll processes with Comprehensive Leave Manager for Dynamics GP, you will be able to sit back and relax on your own summer vacation. With the right technology in place, you can be confident that all aspects of leave management are under control back at the office. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Comprehensive Leave Manager and our many other time-saving GP payroll solutions.

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