DynaRent: the key to optimizing car rental processes and utilization

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In several past articles, we’ve focused on the need for flexibility in the car rental industry. This counts for both business practices and for the software you use. This improves handling changing car rental processes and channels for rental scenarios. Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with accurate oversight and insight that is real-time and able to draw from multi-channel and multi-device data.

car rental processes
Image 1: DynaRent offers graphical dashboards for managing car rental processes and utilization

There are many factors to consider when your business needs to quickly respond to customer demand that comes in 24/7 from diverse channels and locations. Software that is agile and adaptable is critical. It’s just as important that you have constant, current knowledge and the ability to move quickly with areas that include:

  • Overall availability for cars
  • Per-location availability
  • Vehicle condition
  • Rental Usage
  • Service and maintenance needs
  • Transaction readiness (quotes and orders)

That’s a glimpse—what we’d like to briefly describe is how DynaRent offers graphical dashboards and process automation that lets you cover all bases, both holistic and granular, for managing car rental processes and utilization.

Fleet availability overview

Planners can take in a lot of information with ease using DynaRent graphical dashboards, which helps you take full advantage of your total fleet to meet specific customer requirements. Planners can assess and take action on needs with fleet overviews that cover availability per:

  • Country,
  • Region
  • Depot,
  • Car category,
  • Car feature (i.e. manual shift/automatic or built-in navigation
  • Size, model, optimal usage scenario, etc. ….
graphical planboards
Image 2:  Use DynaRent's Graphical Availability overview to easily create rentals in just seconds!

What’s your parameter or dependency that you want to filter for?

For both high-level views and granular drilldown, DynaRent can be configured to give you the exact information you need to assess your fleet “bandwidth” and how best to work with vehicle availability.

Quick drilldowns will give planners or representatives the specifics they need for individual vehicles so that they can offer a car with confidence or locate one that meets the same criteria from another location and arrange for it, if appropriate. DynaRent lets you track ongoing rental periods via orders and quotations, (periodic) service and maintenance jobs, and locations. A few examples of quick lookup insight include:

  • Technical availability (i.e. is the car damaged?)
  • Transactional availability (do orders/quotations exist for the car and/or is service & maintenance planned for the car?)
  • Physical location-based availability (where is the car located?)

Quick car rental, allocation, replenishment is built into DynaRent

Using these overviews and drilldowns, you can manage existing rentals, your fleet, and the flow of incoming rentals. You’ll be able to assess availability and quickly pinpoint a rental car for a customer that meets specific requirements for car type, additional features, and/or desired rental period). Identifying, quoting, and booking a car is quick and accurate, thanks to auto-quote creation and single-data-source information. That new rental then goes into the database of existing rental periods for automated monitoring. Essentially, you have “eyes in the sky” for all your vehicles and can care for them as well as for your customers with speed and ease.

Another crucial feature DynaRent offers car rental companies is a graphical over for supply and demand in your rental fleet, over time. Along with on the spot rental agility, you’ll have foresight into surpluses and shortages per specific locations. That’s critical to overall business health and a prosperous flow of rentals, because you can take timely action to replenish and re-allocate your fleet so that supply is in tune with demand. This “management by exception” capability is a strong gain when trends force you to spend a good deal of effort in “real-time” customer demand—it gives you that .buffer for the future that ensures you can extend today’s grasp of requirements into a longer-term compelling value proposition.

car rental processes

Image 3:  DynaRent Solution Suite - the key to car rental processes

Curious about the possibilities of DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Operations? Please contact info@highsoftware.com for more information or a demonstration tailored to your needs.

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