Navigate delivery excellence using DynaRent’s TomTom Webfleet integration 

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Customer satisfaction disappears if you can't deliver the right goods and services within increasingly tight timeframes. At the same time, you need to juggle costs, resources, vehicles, and locations that are literally all over the map. As a result, communication between your planning department and drivers is critical. What helps resolve these issues? A seamless Webfleet integration.

webfleet integration

Image 1: Webfleet integration

DynaRents TomTom Webfleet integration

Since TomTom and Webfleet make up the worlds leading navigation software. Therefore, it made good sense, simply put, for HiGH Software to build integrations for these solutions and DynaRent. You can choose when and how you want to implement the complete DynaRent Integration with TomTom and Webfleet. You will also find that Dynarent capabilities combine effortlessly with this leading navigation software. That is essential for equipment-driven companies focused on equipment rental and services here are some reasons why.

Some of today's most common challenges in the transport industry are:

  • Quickly adjust schedules and locations without confusing drivers
  • Allocate deliveries with insight using complete overviews of fleet activity
  • Keep customers updated about delivery status
  • Monitor driving conditions and redirect drivers on the spot
  • Connect planners and drivers 24/7

webfleet integration

Image 2: DynaRent's TomTom and Webfleet intergration

DynaRent combines with TomTom and Webfleet to ensure accurate coordination and execution for all your delivery tasks. As a result, planners can coordinate and generate end-to-end orders that land directly on drivers mobile devices. In addition, your back office and drivers can work collaboratively in real time, thanks to full integration across DynaRent, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (and Dynamics AX), and Webfleet. From route optimization to analyzing fuel usage, you will improve efficiency, performance, and customer and employee satisfaction.

Curious about our DynaRent Solution Suite? We are more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact to discuss at or visit and see what we are doing!

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