5 Marketing Issues to Avoid when Driving an eCommerce Business!

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Marketing Issues to Avoid when Driving an eCommerce Business!

First of all, it’s a tough market out there for eCommerce players and new techniques must be implemented to foster customer relationship management and greater customer base. What’s the most challenging part of any eCommerce business? Isn’t SEO a major concern for any business? If you don’t generate enough traffic to your website, what’s the point in having one? That's why we discuss here the Marketing Issues to Avoid when Driving an eCommerce Business!

According to one of Magento’s articles, 93 percent of customers rely on social media for purchase decisions. There are a couple of strategies followed by digital marketing experts for boosting eCommerce business by following social media activities. For sure, higher ROI can be achieved as you are not spending the funds required with traditional marketing methods.

You probably have seen a lot of blogs online, listing out the social media best practices for your online business. We have also discussed some key points here:

#1. Improper Content Management

According to studies this year, content marketing is the most effective medium for promoting your online business. If you think keyword stuffing and copied content can boost your website rankings, you are wrong! Improper content will lead to a lot of trouble for your website and eventually your website will get blacklisted too! Compose fresh and relevant content for your eCommerce platform with sufficient internal and external links. Especially for businesses like eBay or Amazon, you can find lots of blogs that act as a guide for customers. In one way, it acts as a FAQ for users, and secondly, it helps your website to rank better.

Apart from support blogs, you can also write about the latest products by promoting them differently. For example, if you have umbrellas for sale, you might consider promoting by posting a blog on “2017 Monsoon Collections”. Similarly, if you are considering promoting electronics, consider posting a blog on “Top 10 Budget LED TVs”. Link all the product's details to the respective pages to increase user engagement.

#2. Dynamic Product Ad-related Issues

This is a very sensitive area where your products are open to your target audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest help in driving users to your website. If you are going to leave your advert open out there to the public, it won’t serve the purpose. Smart Targeting helps you generate the return on investment to a higher level. The Dynamic Product Ads help in re-targeting your prospects who had shown interest in your services or products earlier.

There’s immense opportunity for Dynamics Product Ads these days. Choose them wisely depending on the nature of your business, product type, demographics, etc.

Dynamic Product Ads work based on your IP address and based on your search captured earlier.

For example, if you are looking for Adidas shoes, the next time you are browsing on Facebook, the same product appears on the ad banners. The chances of your buying the product are close to 40%.

Facebook Carousel Ads is also a perfect feature for showcasing your eCommerce website items. It not only showcases the products in detail but also helps in generating traffic to your eCommerce website.

#3. Loss of Social Engagement Focus

If you ever have a feeling that social media can be used to push promotions and products easily, you are wrong! 70% of the eCommerce companies fail to understand this. If you don’t nurture your customers properly, your social engagement rates are likely to fall. There are various ways to engage your audiences using attractive images, videos, live polls, competitions, etc. You may also run festive promotions such as Summer, Winter or Fall offers to drive in customer engagement. Also, keep track of the activities once a week to identify your activity performance so you know how to better serve your customers in the future.

If you look at banks these days, they make use of Social Media platforms for customer service purposes. Even customer grievances are handled well through social media platforms. People do not have the patience to make a call to the toll-free numbers, wait for the call to connect and get talking. Also, eCommerce companies encourage customers to write reviews and rate the company brands or products too.

#4. Neglecting Influencer Marketing

This is an inevitable marketing technique in the online industry. It is one of the recent developments that has penetrated to the marketing mix of various industries. The top domains that follow this concept are:

  1. Tourism
  2. Apparels
  3. Food and Gourmet

Well, don’t you feel that this is another version of word-of-mouth marketing? We all know that 70% of customers are already in the purchasing process after evaluation. Users are now more focused on their search process and look for trustworthy and comprehensive data online. When working with an influencer parallel to your business, it is mandatory to consider the influencer’s interest, trustworthiness and credibility. What is more, influencers are the best brand ambassadors for your business!

What is the best way to make use of Influence Marketers?

  1. Product Launches
  2. User Engagement
  3. Marketing Events or Campaigns and
  4. Product Reviews

#5. Underutilization of Videos on the eCommerce platform

Do you agree with me regarding Video promotions online? Some companies create videos and publish them without any proper guidance so they don’t realize any return on them.

Let’s take up an example of a Facebook post:

The user might see 3 posts:

  1. One with a standard text message,
  2. Another with a message and image,
  3. A third has a video embedded in it.

Which one would you choose? Obviously, it's number 3, as you are sick of reading text and viewing images.

Most eCommerce shoppers are concerned with not being able to physically feel their desired products on the online websites. Consequently, organizations came up with videos to better serve their customers.

Videos have become the most recommended medium to promote eCommerce business products.

Videos built only to promote on product pages? Wrong! It also works well with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These videos are also a good material for YouTube Advertising. Some of the social media possibilities for videos are:

  1. Live Video Streaming
  2. 360-degree videos
  3. 30-second videos
  4. Whiteboard videos
  5. Time-lapse videos and much more!

Some videos showcase comparative features with rival brands also.

Apart from the above 5 Marketing Issues to Avoid when Driving an eCommerce Business!, every online business needs to integrate ERP or Accounting solutions with their existing eCommerce Platform. x2x eCommerce is an add-on module to Dynamics GP which adds new features to GP and to Magento eCommerce to make both of them fully compatible with each other and able to seamlessly integrate with each other


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog on the 5 Marketing Issues to avoid when driving an eCommerce Business. It is very important for organizations to find out the best social media channels to promote their brand. When you use creative and strategic elements with your existing social media platforms, the results can grow much faster in reaching your desired audience. Seems like there is a necessity for organizations to build up a social media presence.

Get in touch with our experts regarding online platforms and ERP-related queries. We're glad to assist! Give us a call at 1-877-927-2927 today!

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