Struggling to Manage Multiple Cost Centers? Here’s Your Solution

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Struggling to Manage Multiple Cost Centers? Here’s Your SolutionConstruction companies, healthcare networks, consulting firms and many other industries optimize labor resources through employee sharing. Skilled employees may work on multiple projects at the same time or within multiple departments throughout the day. While sharing skilled employees across your business works wonders for productivity, it wreaks havoc in the payroll and accounting department. Splitting time over multiple cost centers can be a tedious, time-consuming process when performed manually. Add automation and improve accuracy with Employee Accounts and Splits.

Sharing employees is a common scenario for businesses who need to maximize their resources without having to increase head count. In a professional office setting, an employee may work on different projects or in different departments. Or, in a healthcare setting, a nurse may work on different floors or at different facilities. As an employee crosses business units, costs and expenses need to be allocated accordingly. This is a difficult process to manage when using paper-based timesheets or with entry-level accounting software. Manually calculating time and costs, then assigning them to the appropriate cost center is a time-consuming process and mistakes can and will happen. There is a better way to manage multiple cost centers.

Automate Management of Split Time and Multiple Cost Centers

Save time and improve the productivity of your team by deploying a simple, affordable add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Employee Accounts and Splits solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll to automate the management of split time and resources. Once deployed, Employee Accounts and Splits provides:

  1. Time-saving automation: When an employee works across different cost centers, Employee Accounts and Splits will automatically allocate costs and expenses based on department, position, pay code or general ledger account.
  2. Improved accuracy: In addition to time and expenses, Employee Accounts and Splits allocates tax and benefit expenses based on wage distribution. Period-end distributions for FUTA, SUTA, and Workers’ Comp are automatically distributed appropriately.
  3. Flexibility: Sharing time may occur on a regular or repeated basis. As such, once you establish a setup record, you can assign that setup code to a single employee or all employees.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to split time and costs for an employee. In this example, you’ll see an employee split time between three different departments. As payroll is processed, the employee’s salary being split between the different departments. Learn how the general ledger, departmental financial reports and payroll reports each accurately reflect the split, without needing additional or redundant data entry during the process.

There is a more efficient and accurate way to split employee time as they work in different departments or on different projects across your company. Watch the video and contact Integrity Data for more information about Employees Accounts and Splits, as well as our other tools that streamline complicated payroll processes.


By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois


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