Effectively Track Employee Leave for Upcoming Summer Vacations

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'Tis the season for those summer vacation requests. Although many of us are excited to take our vacations, many Human Resource and Payroll departments are scrambling to keep up; especially if they don’t have an ERP solution in place to help track all the little details.

Your company needs to track a number of crucial details for Paid Time Off (PTO) to stay compliant with current regulations. Microsoft Dynamics® GP makes that possible with Human Resource/Payroll (HRP) modules. Let’s take a look at some of the cool HRP features in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Automatic Record Keeping: Many departments are bogged down with the manual entry of PTO and employee information. These manual entries and updates can have you second guessing your information. Employees also may wonder whether they’re getting the time off they were promised if things aren’t appropriately tracked throughout the year. Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies this with automatic record keeping. With simple clicks of your mouse, you can import data, update records, and be confident in the data your solution provides.
  • Electronic Access and Documentation: Paperwork is another hindering factor in HR/Payroll processes. There are signatures to track, contracts to keep updated with new policies, and updates for employees taking time off. Microsoft Dynamics GP eliminates the stacks of paper and creates a traceable audit trail right within the technology solution so you can always access the information you need.
  • Self Service: In addition to needing access within the HR and Payroll departments, your employees have updates they need to make too. They need to request the time off as well as keep track of their PTO and sick leave balances. The HRM Self Service Suite Module within Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it possible for employees to access the information they need so they don’t need to bug your HR/Payroll personnel every time they have a question.

To take it one step further, you can combine the Microsoft Dynamics GP HRP modules with Integrity Data products to extend the capabilities of your solution. For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP can only track sick leave and PTO, while Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager product allows for many more types of time off.

If you’re already feeling the strain trying to keep up with vacation requests this upcoming summer, it may be time to look into Microsoft Dynamics GP and Integrity Data Products. Please feel free to contact us at Integrity Data for more information or sign up for our complimentary webinars about improving HR and Payroll management with Integrity Data's Payroll enhancements.

By Marleen De Winter, Director of Marketing at Integrity Data, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV Partner out of Illinois


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