Avoid Unintentional Consequences at All Costs

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Unintentional consequences! Generally something to avoid! Let’s explore how not meeting employees’ expectations may have unintentional consequences that even if not obvious, have negative impact.

First, it is understood that every employer and personnel manager has expectations regarding the performance of those working for or under them, correct? We are cognizant of the variety of circumstances that arise if an employee does not meet the boss’s expectations, but what are the consequences if the boss does not meet the employees' expectations? Whether the boss likes it or not, employees have expectations of their boss or manager. It may not be as evident as employer’s expectations, but the consequences of not meeting employee expectations can be detrimental to a company.

For example, an employee is promised a discretionary bonus based on going above and beyond the job description. Come payday, this promised bonus does not materialize. The employee asks the supervisor what happened and when the supervisor looks into the situation, they find the ball was dropped inadvertently. The supervisor then informs the employee that a step was missed by accident.

Ever been involved in a similar scenario? On the surface, everyone is gracious and says it is no big deal, but is that truly the whole story? In cases I have been involved in, there has always been some level of “I guess I am not as valuable as I thought!” or “if they promised it, why didn’t they follow through with their promise?” type of responses that are rarely ever expressed outwardly.

Many small business owners and personnel managers really care for those working for them, and most would say they pro-actively keep their employees engaged. However, when a promise that should help employee engagement is not fulfilled, it is actually counterproductive. What was meant to help has now hindered.

To put it into perspective, disengaged employees are 53% less productive than their engaged counterparts. Overall, engaged employees are more loyal, stay with a company longer, and are highly instrumental in the company’s success. Yet, by not meeting an employee’s expectations, we undermine all other efforts to make them feel they are an integral part of the company.

What is one good employee’s engagement worth to your organization? Or, what is the cost of losing the engagement of one good employee? Productivity is key and you can increase employee engagement with Human Resource and Payroll process automation.

Learn more about business process automation by viewing these quick demos and contact us at Integrity Data if you have any questions: u-linc@integrity-data.com. No matter what you do, don’t let all your efforts to keep employees engaged be undermined by inefficient business processes that create unintentional consequences.

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