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There are many common tasks that are completed in offices everywhere.  Although they are essentially the same, they can be completed differently by different people in the very same department.  For example, how does your staff decide to extend credit to a customer or when to send follow-up materials?  Your people may follow corporate policies or they could make important business decisions themselves.  If you want to be confident that credit isn’t overextended or a new customer isn’t forgotten, then implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with workflows.

Many businesses provide employees with corporate polices and standard operating procedures, as well as offer training for specific job tasks.  Even with adequate instruction and training, an employee will look for a more efficient way to perform a task.  In busy times, employees may be further pressured to cut corners when performing tasks which is not only different from what they are trained to do, but could also lead to costly mistakes.  Provide employees with a workflow solution that can streamline their job tasks and provide the consistency and accuracy you need throughout the office.

U-LINC® is an affordable workflow solution that easily integrates with your ERP solution.  This solution offers pre-defined workflows for common tasks associated with managing accounts payable, receivables management, payroll and human resources, financials, and compliance procedures.  You can also customize your own specialized workflows to add control to other unique business operations.  Instead of being pressured to extend a customer’s request for a credit limit change, for example, your employee can initiate a workflow.  The request can be escalated from the customer’s main contact or project manager to the accounting manager or chief financial officer for approval.  Details pertaining to the customer and their request are electronically passed through the proper channel and once reviewed, the request can be approved or denied and an explanation can be included in the outcome.  Using a workflow for this and other common accounting procedures can protect your business from seemingly simple mistakes that can lead to expensive outcomes – such as extending credit to a poor-paying customer.

Deploying a workflow solution is an affordable way to improve productivity and consistency.  Contact Integrity Data to learn how easy it is to integrate U-LINC with your ERP.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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