There are Workflows and There are U-LINC Workflows

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Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions offer a selection of common workflows – automated procedures for some of the most common tasks that your team performs each and every day. Microsoft Dynamics® GP currently offers 10 fixed workflows, which are handy. However, what do you do when your business procedure is a little different or you need to create a customized workflow? You use U-LINC® by Integrity Data.

The 10 fixed workflows offered within Microsoft Dynamics GP include vendor approval, electronic signatures, purchase order approval, sales quote approval, and customer credit limit override approval. However, these workflows are not currently available for the web client. Although Microsoft is reworking web client access, they are not planning to add additional workflows in any other areas of the solution at this time. In addition, the current Microsoft GP workflows are code-driven, which means it takes time and money for you or your Partner to write the workflows you need.

You can probably think of more than 10 common business activities that you would like to automate, including areas outside of the accounting department. U-LINC comes with pre-configured workflows for accounts payable and receivable, financials, payroll, and human resources; it addresses many compliance issues, and you can easily build your own workflows. Tailoring workflows to match your own unique business needs can add efficiency and consistency to your business, which also leads to improved productivity and data integrity.

U-LINC easily connects with any Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, including GP and can be installed and configured fairly quickly. You set your own business rules, automate your choice of business processes, and use these notifications and process approvals to make sure business operations are being completed properly each and every time. In addition, you can receive notifications using mobile devices. You and your team can stay connected to critical business activities when you are away from the office, whether you may be meeting with customers or just out to lunch.

There are workflows and then there are U-LINC workflows. Add automation and consistency throughout your enterprise with this easy-to-use, affordable business technology. Contact Integrity Data for more information about using U-LINC workflows and receiving real-time notifications that keeps your business moving forward.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV

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