Human Resources Isn't Keeping Up with Business Changes and That's a Problem

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Your business is likely focused on customer needs, improving the customer experience in order to strengthen long-term relationships. This makes sense. However, while your attention is on customers, your employees may be feeling slighted. According to a recent study, human resources (HR) isn’t keeping up with changes in the business environment. Lack of technology can lead to unsatisfied employees and loss of top talent.

The title alone speaks volumes: “Only 5% of companies rate HR performance as excellent,” posted by Jerene Ang on According to a study by Deloitte which included a poll of more than 3,300 HR and business leaders in 106 countries, only one in three business leaders (30%) believes their HR department has a reputation for sound business decisions and even fewer (28%) found HR to be efficient. Grinding down confidence even further, only one in five (22%) of respondents believe HR could adapt to changing workforce needs and fewer (20%) thought HR could adequately plan for future talent needs. To sum it all up, the report suggests that HR isn’t keeping up with business changes and that is a problem.

Employee turnover can be expensive for businesses, particularly when those businesses rely on certain qualifications, licensing, or simply need productive and talented employees. The Deloitte report also indicated that one of the biggest HR challenges is engaging employees, according to 87% of the respondents. Yet over half (60%) of the respondents admit to not having the procedures or programs in place to measure or improve employee engagement.

The HR department can contribute to a business’s success by working efficiently and profitably but also by taking a more analytical approach to managing employees. One way to improve HR operations is by connecting to a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, and using the built-in or add-on features to get a handle on common HR tasks. You can manage payroll, benefit programs, and employee details from today’s powerful business management solutions. Save time calculating leave with Comprehensive Leave Manager or manage complicated payroll efficiently with Employee Accounts and Splits.

Connect HR with the technology that can support business changes and growth. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about the comprehensive solutions that can turn your HR department into a top performing asset.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Solution Provider out of Illinois

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