Workflow: Defined and Identified

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Workflow- what is it really?  Would it be better labeled   Workslow

Workflow is defined as tasks, required steps, and information moved (in and/or out) of any business process.

Whether you know it or not, workflows are a part of every business and a very important part at that.  Depending on the size and complexity of the organization, workflows may be a formal process or a very informal one so that no one really recognizes it as an actual workflow.

In most companies, a workflow may need to span across multiple departments.  For example, what would the process look like when the sales department needs an additional inside sales resource?  In many situations, this would include the sales department, HR department, payroll department, the IT department, and possibly approval from the CXO level.  The process may look something like this:

A sales manager informs the CXO for the need of an additional resource. >> The sales manager is required to demonstrate the need and the ROI to the CXO. >> If the CXO approves, HR is notified to initiate the search for an inside sales resource.  >> HR contacts the sales manager to define the position requirements and then initiates the search. >> A resource is acquired; HR notifies the sales manager, the payroll department, and the IT department informing each area of the new hire and the actions each need to take to accommodate onboarding the new resource.

This is what a Workflow is – the steps required to complete a business process.

How many business processes do you manage in your business every day?  What is your opinion of the processes you manage?  How many are efficient?  How many are laborious?  How many are necessary?  And how many are actually defined?

Do your business processes flow in a nice linear line?  If your answer is, “Not in my world!” then what happens when a step gets missed?  Is there ever any confusion as to what should be the next step, or who needs to be included?

If not managed properly, ‘workflow’ can sometimes feel like ‘workslow’ and the questioning just gets worse as miscommunication goes widespread throughout your organization.

Required processes can feel like a burden.  The “red tape” seems like a hindrance when you are trying to get something accomplished.  Yet without some kind of process, how do you make sure right decision makers are involved?

Can’t live with the processes – can’t live without them… So what can you do?

At some point a process must work for you and not have you working for the process.

If you really want to live without them, make sure to check out our next blog, where we really get you agitated!
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