To Close a Ticket or Not to Close a Ticket…That is the Question

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We enjoy hearing how our clients benefit from U-LINC, but we haven’t forgotten about how U-LINC helps our very own company here at Integrity Data…

Our Quality Assurance and Support Services use Outlook and OnTime to create and manage support tickets.  They have a great automation process for opening tickets, but closing tickets was another story. Closing a ticket was a manual and tedious task that was never a top priority for our reps, thus tickets would not get closed properly and reporting was slightly off because of this.

When we implemented U-LINC to automatically close support tickets leveraging support’s current processes, the time savings was incredible:

-          It used to take 3-4 minutes to close one support ticket.  Now, they can add a few notes to the closing emails and based on the information in the email, U-LINC automatically updates the appropriate fields and closes out the tickets.  This new process takes 30 seconds or less to close a ticket.

When we look at the larger scale of things, the time savings is even more impressive:

-          This year, support services had over 1000 tickets. When it took them 3 minutes per ticket, they would have spent 50 hours a year just closing tickets. Now with U-LINC, they spend only 8 hours a year closing tickets.  This time savings of 42 hours enables our support team to help more customers, improving customer satisfaction.  They also have much better reporting because they actually take the 30 seconds to properly close a ticket, keeping data accurate.

The support team no longer asks the question: ‘to close a ticket or not to close a ticket?’ When it only takes them 30 seconds or less, it’s a no brainer! In fact, the support team is so excited with U-LINC that they’re looking into using it to send automatic notifications to customers once a product is released or an issue they reported is fixed.

We use U-LINC because we know it works and are happy to report that our very own support team is realizing the time-saving benefits. Contact Integrity Data for more information about these and other time-saving software solutions. Want to see how U-LINC helps our clients as well? Check out this U-LINC customer testimonial video on our website.

By Julie Jensen of Integrity Data, Microsoft Dynamics Workflow Software Provider out of Illinois

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